The digital label for clothing that shows you the impact of what you’re wearing on people and the planet

For Shoppers


Next time you shop, use KnowLabel to find out more information about the clothing you want to buy.


Know more about your clothing: Where it was made, who made it, what it’s made of, and how to look after it.


Make an informed decision knowing the impact of your clothing on our planet and the people on our planet.


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For Brands and Retailers


Engage customers with your brand and products by giving them information and a story.


Know what information your customers are using to influence their purchasing decisions.


Create impact in a measurable way, by growing a knowledge base for the impact of your products on our planet and the people on our planet.

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We provide you with the knowledge to measure your impact on our planet.

We wanted to know more about what we’re wearing, and put our knowledge together to have a huge and measurable impact. Knowledge means power, but being knowlabel about what you’re wearing creates a more sustainable society precio de una accion de coca cola.

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