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We are Knowlabel, we give you easy access to information about your impact on people and the planet.

We have a data analytics platform and worker wearables, which means we can tell you how happy and productive the people are who make your products.

Factories, Workers, Brands and Consumers can access information in real-time. Our cloud-database sits at the centre, allowing us to collect, analyse and share data from global supply chains. We have bespoke apps, wearables and digital labels. Imagine a world where anyone can access the story behind the products they use every day.

We sell our technology to factories in China, and brands pay to access the data about their suppliers. We’ve raised investment from strategic partners in the UK and USA. We’re at a beta stage with one of the UK’s largest retailers. As our business grows we’re looking to grow our team too.


We’re currently looking for a Head of China Operations to join our team.

You’ll be crucial to managing our China business, growing a team and managing relationships with Chinese factories. You’ll need to be hands on, eager to innovate and learn, and have a keen attention to detail which will allow us to scale our business across China.


Your role:

  • Managing day-to-day operations in China, reporting to our CEO.
  • Lead strategy for engaging factories and growing relationships with them, ensuring customer happiness KPIs are met. Including visiting factories when necessary (Guangdong and Ningbo regions at the moment).
  • Helping to set up our China office. You’ll be based in Qianhai, Shenzhen.
  • Grow and lead the China team, which will include factory account managers.
  • Streamlining our own supply model. We have an ‘plug and play’ which means our hardware is delivered to a factory so they can set up their workers and start collecting data as quickly as possible. We need to streamline the supply of hardware to our factory customers, to prepare for scalability to 1000s of factories.

About you and your skills:

  • Enjoy working independently and being part of a team vision
  • Experience in manufacturing and working with factories
  • Experience in technology and IT (both software and hardware an added benefit)
  • Leadership skills and ability to manage a team
  • Good verbal and written communication skills (Native Mandarin Chinese, Professional English)
  • Attention to detail, you’ll be managing the completion of activities 
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn
  • Belief in disruptive technology to transform society for the better good
  • 3 – 5 years working experience
  • Drive and willingness to learn are more important than length of experience
  • A degree from International University

Why work for us, and what do we offer you?

  • Become an integral part of an early stage company prone for rapid growth
  • Learn from an international and entrepreneurial team including our Founder and Investors
  • Work alongside the world’s largest brands
  • Work for a social cause, and have measurable impact on improving ethics and sustainability 
  • Competitive salary
  • Tell us how you want to grow in your career, and we can offer you progression opportunities


Just to let you know….

Our B2B business model is targeted toward’s the world’s biggest brands, and this is just the beginning. We solve an urgent need for these brands, who face a huge loss in profitability and risk from not knowing if their products are made in ethical and sustainable conditions. We can actually measure how investing millions in CSR impacts their bottom line. For factories, our data proves that worker happiness influences not just productivity but profitability.

We, together as a team, will drive systematic change.


To apply, please send an email to jobs@knowlabel.org  and also include:

  1. Covering note with 300 – 500 words including your motivations for applying
  2. Your CV